What is Airtact?

A Flexible Interface

Airtact is a flexible interface between you and your air tools that adds incredible feel, comfort, and versatility.

You can use Airtact just as it comes, or easily customize it to fit your individual techniques.

Control handpieces with your hand, finger, palm, thumb, foot, mouth, and other ways.

How Does Airtact Work?

There are two parts to Airtact: the CONTROL SYSTEM and the TOUCH ELEMENT.

Inside the Control System is a pneumatic servo that varies the airflow to/from your handpiece to regulate power from fine to full. The Touch Element tells the Control System how much handpiece power you want just by how you touch it.



The Control System

The unique magic of Airtact is this special “partnership” between the Control System and the Touch Element. The Control System is the real “brains” while the Touch Element is simple, compact, rugged, and inexpensive. You’ll love the flexibility and precision of this new control.

Monarch, Stainless

The Touch Element

The Touch Element is connected to the Control System with a flexible tube slightly larger than a strand of spaghetti. This tube has a small wisp of low pressure air traveling through it. As you vary the airflow coming out of this tube, the Control System increases or decreases the power to the handpiece.

It’s amazing how smooth and effortless it feels. The Touch Element can be mounted anywhere on the handpiece, the floor, your bench, your hand, your mouth … practically anywhere. It’s incredibly natural and comfortable.


The Airtact design team observed at least three different ways jewelers and artists hold their pneumatic handpieces. Some hold them like a graver with the knob seated in their palm; others like a table knife with their finger pointed forward. Still others hold their handpiece like a pencil for stippling, texturing, hammering, etc. Airtact was designed to adapt to all these preferences and more. It allows hand control using the palm, finger, and thumb . . . whatever the user prefers.

The Airtact system allows more than just hand control. No matter how you like or need to work, Airtact will work for you. It adapts to foot control, mouth control, and other creative ways to work.


Airtact hand control provides full operational capability. When engraving lettering, English Scroll or Western Bright Cut, you can power engrave with Airtact and still manually break off chips, as needed, at the end of your cut. You can also texture and hammer with convenient Airtact hand control.


The Airtact is designed as a separate unit that works with existing systems to make it available for more GRS users. You can add a nice Airtact system to your existing or new GRS engraving system for under $500.

Retrofits to existing tools.

Can be used with any GraverMach, GraverMax, or GraverMate . . . no matter when it was made.


The Touch Element has no delicate parts to damage. In fact, many Airtact Touch Elements add no moving parts to the handpiece. The Control System is purposely designed for high reliability.


By design, Airtact is an open system that was purposely created to allow easy and affordable customization. GRS tool users around the world will have more ways to work than ever before.

In addition to various Touch Elements offered by GRS, the creative world-wide community of engravers, jewelers, and artists can develop their own Airtact elements and offer advice on ways to fit different people’s working style, no matter what it is.